Launches, Installations and Immersive Events

Whether to launch a product, be the focal point of a PR campaign or enhance event spaces and installations, curating a multi-sensory environment results in a heightened and infinitely more memorable experience.


Immersion in such an experience can surprise and entertain, teach and share, influence and challenge, generating the ultimate response: emotion. As a brand, this enables you to connect more deeply and authentically with your clientele.


Design In Scent works with an expert team of sound engineers, lighting designers, artists, architects, food artists and performers to develop multi-sensory experiences using sky’s the limit imagination. Otherwise we can simply diffuse a bespoke scent or one from our vast collection into your pre-designed space.

Gemma has worked on a wide variety of sensory projects for clients that include:

Client: Heathrow

To celebrate the opening of Terminal 2, we were tasked with devising an olfactory experience in the airport that would create excitement, stir memories of travelling and support the message of better journeys at Heathrow.


Our Scent Globe took passengers on a sensory journey around the world before they stepped foot on a plane. Our perfumers created five fragrances that brought to life iconic destinations only reached from Heathrow’s Terminal 2. Using pioneering technology, we linked a diffusion machine within the globe to a touchscreen built into the information stand. Travellers were able to interact with the screen, touching icons to release each scent for short intervals.


Beginning with a South African safari adventure of dry plains, wild flora and animals, travellers were whisked to Brazil, the land of rich rainforest fauna and coffee. A flight west took them to the great Pacific island nation of Japan with a nod to the ocean, tatami and its majestic Cedar trees, onwards into China to be captivated by exquisite teas and incensed temples, and ending with a fragrant culinary feast in Thailand.

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Client: Bombay Sapphire and The Berkeley

Ten leading bars from across Europe were chosen to celebrate one of the ten botanicals found within Bombay Sapphire by creating a new cocktail and immersive drinking experience. We worked alongside the Blue Bar at the Berkeley to bring their botanical, Angelica Root, to life with hidden scent diffusers.


We designed a fragrance that evocatively captured this menthol-like botanical and produced bespoke cabinets to house scent diffusers. Hidden under tables and wrapped in the same blue faux snakeskin leather as the floor so they perfectly blended in, these diffusers could be discretely turned on and off with remote controls from the bar. When someone ordered The Angel Scent cocktail, the fragrance was filled the air around them and enhanced the flavour of the Angelica Root.


Within a couple of weeks, it became the most popular cocktail on the menu!

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Client: Private Drama

To create a truly immersive environment for this event themed on Feasting with Panthers, with references to Shanghai opium dens, sultry cabaret, art deco hijinks and Gastby-esque speakeasies, we designed a heady, opium-inspired scent that blended tobacco leaf with smoky leather and a hint of musk. We scented pieces that were affixed inside elaborate invitations, which perfectly set the scene for guests and built anticipation for the event.


When guests arrived, the same now familiar scent greeted and immersed them in the event concept, diffused into the space using our intelligent diffusers.  Guests were given little velvet pouches containing an atomiser filled with their scent and instructions to ‘release your inner panther,’ allowing them to recall memories of the soiree at will.

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‘Seventy-five percent of the emotions
we generate on a daily basis are
affected by smell. Next to sight, it is
the most important sense we have.’

– Martin Lindstroem, Brand Sense –

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