The Experience

Our Scent Salons are a nod to the salons that swept through Europe in the 19th century, when an inspiring host would gather like-minded guests together to discuss art, literature, philosophy or music. Held to amuse one another, and refine the taste and broaden the knowledge of guests, the salons became an exciting social exchange. You can discover more about the history of salons in our Scent Note, The Sociability of the Salon.


Designed to elicit just as much interest, debate and and entertainment, our Scent Salons will enlighten you about the exquisite art form of fragrance, fusing it with history, culture, other art forms and storytelling. All of our Salons involve the creation of something that will be beautifully packaged to take home and remember the experience.



Our Salons

We have five Scent Salons for you to choose from which are all perfect for entertaining staff or clients and can be adapted for team building. We can also devise a bespoke Scent Salon that complements your brand and/or destination. Your experience can be fully tailored to suit your requirements, with lunch or an afternoon tea arranged in between sessions. We can easily set up in a venue of your choosing, otherwise we invite you to join us at our bespoke perfumery in London.




The Secret World of Perfume

Owing to the difficulty of capturing the essences of raw materials, there are but a select few that have truly mastered the ancient art of perfumery. In this Salon we grant rare access to leading perfumers who work behind a strict wall of privacy designing fragrances for luxury brands, royalty and celebrities, yet who are able to share centuries of passed down perfume secrets.


The vast library of ingredients will be opened, from ancient oils to modern discoveries, and you will gain a deeper awareness of your sense of smell as your nose is trained and you design your own bespoke perfume or cologne using the professional language of Perfumers.


This Salon can be enjoyed either as a half or full day experience.

The Artist’s Nose

The fresh, green perfume of spring’s first blooms. The dark, deep, base notes of a woody scent. The sharp, bright zest of citrus. These scents may seem straightforward, but there is far more to their nature than meets the nose.


Led by the founders of Design In Scent and an exciting new artist, through a variety of mediums and sensory experiments you will discover the associations that exist between scents, colours, textures, sounds and tastes. With your new understanding, you will use fragrance oils as inspiration for the colours and shapes you express onto canvas. This is perfect for those new to fragrance and painting, and for groups looking to conjure creativity.


This is a three hour Salon.

The Fun of Fragrance

A light-hearted introduction to your sense of smell, we will guide you through some of the history, culture and science of scent, as you journey with all of your senses along the old Arabian trading routes, from ancient Egypt to the busy fragrance centre of Venice, and up into the modern day. Poetry, stories and curious facts will be woven into this scented tale and a scented quiz will determine who has absorbed the most.


You will then have the opportunity to smell a selection of seasonal scents and be taught how to balance a simple fragrance. Your finished fragrance will be blended as a reed diffuser to scent your home and remind you of your journey through scent.


This is a three hour Salon.

The Scent of Seduction

Since the dawn of time, scent has been used as a tool of seduction. You will smell ingredients deemed essential for love by some of the world’s most romantic cultures. Slip into the world of Greek mythology and learn what accompanied Hera’s seduction of Zeus and find yourself intoxicated by the ultimate seductress, Cleopatra. Taste fragrant morsels fed to lovers in Rome, spritz the elixirs created in Venice in the hope of ensnaring another and dive in nose first to the 60’s decade of free love.


With an array of alluring oils to explore, all well known to invoke romantic feelings, you will then create your own love-inspired lotion to seduce your own lover.


This is a three hour Salon.


This is a three hour Salon.

The Twelve Scents of Christmas

This Salon begins by taking you on a tour of your sense of smell as we discuss why certain smells trigger such powerful emotions, particularly around Christmas. Woven into this will be tales that bring its history to life as we introduce the twelve scents of Christmas and some of their symbolism.


You will get a taster lesson on how fragrances to scent the home are formulated and balanced, before creating your own using a combination of your favourite Christmas scents. With the guidance of a florist, you will then apply this oil to pine cones and create your own beautiful festive wreath that can fill your home with the fragrant joy of Christmas.


This is a three hour Salon.

Client: Amway

We curated a two day Salon for Amway’s top sales representatives that were visiting London from the US, giving them the opportunity to explore in depth the world of perfumery. Hosted at our perfumery in a beautiful Georgian townhouse, guests journeyed through the science of smell, explored different fragrance families, practiced formulating by designing simple fragrances for James Bond and Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and then crafted their own. Each guest was presented their finished fragrance in a hand engraved bottle and bespoke pouch.

Client: Hotel Cipriani, Venice

We flew out to Venice to host a bespoke Scent Salon for a corporate group that immersed them in the evocative history of their location. In the fifteenth century during the Renaissance, Venice was a flourishing centre for the trade of exotic spices and unguents, and played a fundamental role in the tradition of perfume. Guests were able to explore rare ingredients of this time, learning of and sampling traditional recipes. With guidance from our Master Perfumer, guests then created their own Renaissance-inspired fragrance for the evening’s ball, bottled in engraved Venetian flacons.

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‘Every child is an artist. The problem is
how to remain an artist when he grows up.’

– Pablo Picasso –


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