Designing Your Signature

We require all of our senses to inform us of the world around us yet few companies pay attention to the complete effect their brand can have on people. We will work with you to capture and present your story through scent, offering your clientele a far more enriching, meaningful and human experience.


Joining us at our perfumery, you will play an important role in the creative process. While our perfumers perfect your fragrance, we will explore the best ways to seamlessly integrate your Signature Scent into your brand environment. Whether that be the installation of scent diffusion technology or a suite of bespoke scented products such as candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and toiletries, we will ensure a cohesive experience of your brand’s sensory story.


We can further work with you to design branded products for retail, ensuring a return on your investment and the forging of lasting, emotional connections with your clientele.

Client: The Arts Club

This Brand Signature Scent was to encompass the values of the lively Arts Club, yet also help hotel guests feel a sense of peace and calm. It needed to blend into the brand’s midnight blue featured in the hallways, while balancing the elegantly airy interior design of the bedrooms.


Many sets of editions were explored to arrive at a Signature with discerning base notes, artistically urban heart notes and soothing, floral top notes. It evokes the scent of old manuscripts mingled with cigar smoke, fine leather and precious woods, and is lifted and feminised with chamomile and mimosa.


We installed a scent diffusion system in the air conditioning system that can be controlled with a remote control and designed and crafted bespoke scented candles and hand blown, engraved reed diffuser bottles. Hotel rooms and linen are scented using room sprays ahead of guest arrival, and room sprays packaged in branded boxes are available for members to purchase.

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Client: Carphone Warehouse

Commissioned to design a fragrance that captured that new phone feeling, we blended sharp industrial top notes, rich heart notes of frankincense and cedarwood, and soft musks and woody base notes  to get that perfect blend of phone materials, sleek design and packaging, metallic electricity and luxurious exclusivity. The finished fragrance, Unboxed, awoke memories of prising open a brand new phone while creating an evocative connection to Carphone Warehouse.


The suite of branded products we designed that featured in stores around the country included a room spray, tester cards designed as miniature mobile phones and giant reed diffuser bottles, enabling customers to connect to the brand nose first. The first 2,000 customers who purchased a new phone after Unboxed had launched were gifted a free room spray atomiser. We created and shipped out press boxes with an assortment of products and the room sprays inserted into Unboxed branded boxes designed in the style of an iPhone box.

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